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Employment History

A collection of my present and past workplaces

Awards and Achievements

Portfolio IT Officer, Full-Time

Pullman Sydney Hyde Park

Working alongside Accor IT (Asia Pacific),

Hotels under my technical supervision are:

• Pullman Sydney Hyde Park
• Novotel Sydney Central
• Novotel Parramatta

• Pullman and Mercure Melbourne, Albert Park
• Pullman and Mercure Brisbane, King George Square

This includes Technical Maintenance, Rectifying Network Issues, Modifications the to network and systems as required, Implementation of New Software, Upgrade Outdated Systems and devices, Provide IT Assistance to Staff, Guests and Clients, etc.

Overall, My position ensures that successful application of policies and procedures set by the Accor IT are implemented and maintained on the technical front of the hotels I am looking after.

IT Support Officer, Part-Time

Elite Abroad Studies

Elite Abroad Studies is a migration agency and abroad studies consultancy located in 250 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW.

Elite Abroad Studies operates with multiple trademarks

  • Elite Abroad Studies
  • Flying Kangaroo Education Consultancy

in different countries with branch offices in Nepal, Myanmar and Kenya.

Working part-time as IT Support Officer, I provided technical support to Sydney Office and phone support to Nepal, Myanmar and Kenya offices.

I was responsible for installing and configuring computer hardware, software and other systems. I also handled social media relations and design advertisements.

Customer Service Representative, Casual

British Petroleum, NSW 

Working in casual role at BP, I used to provide customer service and interacted with a little over a hundred customers each day. I made sure to listen to what everyone has to say and provide appropriate response.

Apart from what everyone sees, there are a lot more things going on in a Service Station. Every day new challenges present themselves and a CSR must solve them without any supervision. Customer issues, sales targets, inventory management, interval quality checks, food prep, and much more.

I am trained to handle medical emergencies, site emergencies such as fuel spillage, fire emergency, power outages, hostage situation and a lot more. I made sure to do my best to help each and every customer any way I can.

One trick of trade is to make sure to offer any sales deals or better value to customers when I can, therefore increasing store sales as well as customer satisfaction. Because of my performance, I was frequently asked to train new staff to the high service standards that I uphold.

FAB Staff

The Meat and Wine Co.

The Meat & Wine Co is a restaurant where the dining is Afro-centric, the steaks come from hand-selected farms around Australia, and the wines are as much a highlight on the menu as the meals. Discover your new favourite dish and its perfect wine pairing at any of our lively restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth.

From 2018 to 2021, I was working at The Meat and Wine Co, Parramatta on multiple roles. This was one of the greatest learning opportunity not just about the food and beverage industry, but the Australian work culture and high-society.

As one of the best steakhouses in Western Sydney, The Meat and Wine Co had a lot to offer in terms of experience and insights regarding Hospitality etiquette and mix of different flavors. I got to work alongside many amazing staff members who were experienced in this field for over 10 years and grew to be one of the best restaurant chains in Australia.

I was regularly tasked with training new staff, not just for our store but also new staff who were going to be working at other stores from the franchise.

I learned a million different things while there, I did not like working same jobs so I kept rotating shifts as a Bartender, Barista, Waiter, Runner, Kitchen Staff and Guest Service Attendant. After the Managers Shift, I used to take over as the closing manager and help the team finish for the day and prepare for next.

I have had trainings from experts in food service, drinks preparation, barista training and wine training. As a recognition, in 2019 I was awarded Best Employee for Year 2018.

Junior Consult, Data Entry

4 Nations Migration and Visa Services

4Nations Migration and Visa services is one of the more established migration agencies in Nepal and Australia. There are offices in Australia, Nepal and Vietnam.

The Sydney office collaborates with all other branches and looks after issues faced by migrants from those countries. During my time at 4Nations, I got opportunity to work with different associates from Southern Academy (SABT) as well.

My duties in SABT were to update courses using Axcelerate LMS and Generate Student Reports, as well as Administrative tasks and IT Maintainance tasks.




ILAC Institute, Nepal

From 2015 to 2017, I was working as Consultant and Guest Relations at ILAC Education, Nepal.

ILAC is a small academy for English language which provides IELTS and PTE courses to graduates, who are preparing to go to USA, Australia or New Zealand for Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree but are not confident in their English fluency.

I started as a receptionist, but was promoted to as a consultant in 3 months after the Managing Director noticed my communications with the clients.

My duties were mostly talking to the customers and receiving fees payment, IELTS exam fees etc and booking examinations on their behalf. The documents were always treated with high confidentiality and priority, because they contained very personal information such as passport copies, medical records, academic records, etc. Often, I also used to handle the IT systems around the institute, such as network printers, learning management systems, etc.


Computer Science Teacher

Dawn Academy, Nepal

When you imagine education in a third-world developing country, you might imagine poor quality, half-educated teachers and underfunded infrastructure.

if so, you might not have known about Dawn Academy. One of the best education providers in Nepal, Dawn Academy has a different curriculum compared to every other school in Nepal.

They have smart platforms, complete digital integration and amazing teachers. Most of the courses are taught using multi-media devices and students must take part in extra-curricular activities such as martial arts, sports, debate and arts. Compared to elite schools of developed nations such as UK and USA, Dawn Academy provides better education and prepares the student for the future for a fraction of the cost.

 After my high school (Class 11 & Class 12), I applied to be an educator at Dawn Academy in 2014. During my 1 year of teaching practice, I got to learn a lot. As a first introduction to the “other side” of the school, from recently finishing the school as a student into becoming a teacher, there were a lot more surprises that I was unprepared for. Still, I got an experience of a life-time and I am proud and happy that I decided to take up the challenge.

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