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ITECH3208 and ITECH3209 – Major Project 2021

This project was graded the best project out of all group projects that were assigned during ITECH3208 and ITECH3209 for ATMC, Federation University (Sydney and Melbourne combined).

A group of 4 students are tasked with development of a complete system, with application of project management and complete documentation.

The final result for our group was a very polished and elegant web application which was remarked “ready for market application” by the reviewers.

the app went through multiple iterations and documentations before final submission

We were also able to adapt the web application into a mobile app, complete with login system, notification system and messaging systems, so that building administrator can easily communicate with tenants/clients.

You can download the project documentation for review here:

Please provide any input/feedback about what you think of this project.