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I did not know mathematics was a poetry!
A jumble of patterns and magical geometry.
the equations of invisible clockwork of nature
which rule our lives of pathetic reality.
As I am a traveler of space and time,
I think life matters, I am who I am,
There are a trillion more of me and my kind
And their blissful oblivion of quantic paradigm.
(--Oh, what is life but an endless quine!--)
I will win over nature, the earth and space
I will find every truth that hides beneath
I will drown my thirst of knowledge and sex
and at last, I pray, just let me escape!
And I wish I knew nothing and I had that drive
To know it all, be weak and survive,
To feel the joy of discovery again,
feel hurt, feel sad, feel love and pain
As you see, Jesus, Krishna and Buddha said same,
you are all gods who have forgotten your name
you were born in heaven and call your home "earth"
yet forged from the fires of consciousness's hearth!