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My Projects

These are some of the projects that I have worked on


Clabify Corporation

Clabify Inc. is a New York based company which helps Research Laboratories with IQCP Management (Individualized Quality Control Plan) and Automation of Laboratory Tasks.


Since 2021, I have been working with Clabify Inc. as Developer Programmer and Web Designer. The flagship project is set to launch in 2022.

Previous Project

Prestige Photography, Australia.

Prestige Photography is my passion project for all things photography, media management, videography, etc. From 2017 to 2021, we completed several photography projects ranging from International Event Coverage, Wedding Video Shoots, Pre-Wedding Shoots, Advertisement Shoots, Photography for Local Businesses, etc.


During the operation, we were reviewed a perfect 5-star on social media and widely regarded among Sydney’s Nightlife Community.

Prestige Photography was closed in 2020 because of heavy effect of Coronavirus Crisis and was no longer able to keep operating.

Side Project

Driving Instructor Assistant (Mobile Application)

This is a fun little project that I am working on during my free time. The project is to develop a simple database-connected online application that the instructor can use to keep track of trainee time and finances in a simple manner.

The design is being finalized right now and the first release will be ready in a few weeks.


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