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Dark Future

Humanity has a dark fate

The past of us was built on resistance and survival but the future of humanity is already bleak.

Our brains have been programmed to filter out images like this.

The Great Antarctic Heat Wave

On March 2022, Antartica suffered a period of extreme heat, Temperatures were above 70 Degrees than normal.

Is this a wake-up call? Maybe.
Should you stop pollution by not driving your car? Maybe.

Will you? Probably not.

The problem is not “you” but ‘us’.

A single car does not cause too much pollution, and the earth can handle that. A big machine might give off a lot of smoke, and earth can handle that.

But right now, thousands of factories are pumping harmful gases openly at the atmosphere, with more being added every few weeks. The earth cannot take more of it any more.

Countries are developing and they need resources to do so. Resources are mined from the earth, then converted into useful things in factories like these. The image shows an iron processing plant, but any other factory is going to do as much or more of the same smoke-y thing.


Do we need more trains? Maybe.

More Iron for buildings? Copper for electronics? Aluminium for cans? This is where it must come from. There is no other way.

Every chocolate wrapper or grocery bag you threw in the bin is probably out there, somewhere.


The destruction of the Oceans

Oceans are critically important to us. What you see on the image is a mega-trawler, a fish-death-machine capable of “extracting” upto 6000 tonnes (6,000,000 kgs) of fish in a single trip. Isn’t that amazing!

Fishes swim in a large group, called ‘schools’. Larger the ship, bigger the portion of school that gets caught. Most fishes swim in groups of multiple species, so sometimes sharks and dolphins get caught while catching their food. But because humans have the privilege to dictate which species is protected and which one gets to die, dolphins are considered ‘cute’ and regular killing is ‘frowned upon’.

Therefore, these fisheries have themselves created a “sustainable” label for themselves, which certifies them with a check mark and stops the consumer from feeling guilty, therefore consuming more. 

“Sustainable” and “Natural” are just catch words being thrown around, with no defined limit. Their biggest innovation is that the ‘can’ is faster to open.

What can you do?

Absolutely nothing.

The corporate structure makes it impossible to reach the people in top, because they are supported by the people in the bottom. It is absolutely impossible to stop billions of people from eating fish, or making their earning from fishing, because it is critical to their survival.

Vegan-ism is on the rise, but it does not address fishing in poor regions of the world, and is very ‘elitist’ by the way it is presented.

COVID-19 Pandemic allowed the world to heal for short time and pollution was reduced drastically during the global lockdown, but we are back to business.

We can only hope another pandemic hits us every few years and a sustainable level of human population is achieved by reducing a ” reduced to a more ‘balanced’ proportions.

From “”, our very dear feel-good blue tick organisation. Audits cost $75,000 a year. In practice, on every harvest, if over 5% external fish, shark or Dolphin DNA is detected, it is sent to a different supplier and if under 5%, sent to ‘pricier’ suppliers. Absolutely zero deterrent whatsoever.