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Driving Instructor App

Easy way for Driving Instructors to keep record of students and finances.

Upcoming Feature

Track Time & Distance

After the project is complete, additional map tracking features will be added for additional improvement on routes.

Integrated Finance Tools

Student Time Tracker

Each student is charged according to the number of classes they need to take in order to pass Learners Test.

Therefore, the app keeps track of time spent on each student so that the instructor does not have to worry about the time spent on each individual and how much they need to be charged for the time spent.


Training Log

At the end of each training session, the student can provide signature, so that the record is approved by both the trainer and trainee.

Adaptive System

Individual Features can be turned on/off according to personal requirement, thus removing extra baggage that could be in an all-in-one app.

Comprehensive Summary

Summary of every student can be viewed in a single place, so the teacher can focus on what is important – training, and reduce paperwork.