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For real, this time.

Recent advancements in science and technology make me very excited, as well as scared about what the future might hold. Some of these things, might be old news to you, because I can accept that I am not always up-to-date on everything, therefore I strongly encourage you, the stranger on the internet to put in comment things about the future that you are excited about.

Flying cars have been advertised as ‘the future’ since 1920s and maybe even earlier, because they do represent the ultimate dream of humanity to fly anywhere. This flight represents not only logistics, but the hidden desire to escape from the gloomy everyday life and just fly away, like Icarus and Daedalus. However, I saw a gleam of hope when I found out about this relatively-small company, Jetoptera.

This design is so genius that once I discovered it, I spent the next 5 hours digging out content related to its technology, and the more I looked, the more I was shocked.

People have made flying machines before. However, they have never really been “safe”. Jetpacks with jet engines strapped to one’s back might make them fly for 7 minutes, but the moment it is pointed in a wrong direction, someone’s hair might fall off or their face might melt. Same issue with propelled-crafts. Jetoptera, however is different. Simply put, this aircraft is a “Dyson bladeless fan on steroids”. Ultimate witchcraft. When regulating agencies are looking at a new technology, safety always comes first. The ultimate inventions can sometimes fail because they are deemed too unsafe if a 5-year-old could accidentally get a boo-boo if they try to use it. Jetoptera is safer. It can be equipped with simple proximity-sensors and 3d sensors, already being used widely in cars, with some simple controls to safely take off and land. The possibilities are endless.

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all these different drones have one common theme: if they get close to a human head, they will chop it off.

The US Military and Aircraft companies already have their eyes on this company. The latest research from Northrop Grumman has already achieved Hypersonic speeds using prototype ½ sized models, and that is the news they “publicized” almost a year ago. They have become awfully silent since, It is only a matter of time before a full-scale model is leaked. They are probably figuring out new ways to connect missiles and guns into their model.

Whatever the case might be, I am simply excited because I do not need Mach 7 speeds for my flying car. Just 55 km/h in city zones and 300 km/h in open airspace is more than enough to make a man happy.