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showcase for things i am proud to show off.

Seagrass Awards Night 2019

Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group holds Awards Nights every two years, where employees from over 140 locations over Australia are selected.

 Representing Sydney, 6 best employees from each level were selected, Where I represented The Meat and Wine Co. Parramatta. Same branch was also chosen for Best Manager.

Google IT Professionals (Fundamentals)

IT Professionals is a beginner-level certification from Google which covers IT Troubleshooting, Customer Service, Networking, Operating Systems, System Administration and Security with Hands-on exercises and live assessments.

I personally think that commercial certifications such as Google and Microsoft benefit the supplier more than the business, it provides an easy assurance to potential employers that the person is skilled for upcoming challenges.


Barista Certification

If your workplace has an espresso machine, I can make a really nice cup of coffee.

Driving Instructor ApP

Living in Australia, I found that being able to drive to work and visit clients is very important.

But, instead of paying for Driving Training, I make a deal with my Driving Instructor that I will develop a simple app for him so he can easily manage his finances and track student progress.